Tips on How to Cope During a Home Extension

Recently we had a team of contract builders who installed our house with a prebuilt loft extension, and I decided to keep a diary to see how well we had prepared as a family and indeed how we coped with the disturbance, as many people are now looking to extend and I feel it could be helpful to others.

I also wanted to see if there was any possible advice I could pass onto potential home improvers! There was obviously a lot of things to concern ourselves with, namely having no use of the existing kitchen during the build and the expected dirt and mess. I wanted to record any other things that may well be worth preparing for, as often is the case that after a build people are so relieved its finally built they forget all the strife they went through during the build.
We got a great home extensions company to do the job, and were delighted that they lived up to their name.
Days One to Three
Rain, rain and more rain!
We live in London, and being the UK the rain decided to start the night before the builders arrived – and needless to say, the garden was a soggy mess by the time they started. However, the builders got stuck in never the less and began digging out the foundations. They laid out a big roll of plastic sheeting across the garden to protect the grass, so we were happy about that and at the end of the third day there was a big mountain of soil dug up. Things were getting exciting now!
Day 4
Return of the sun – and the start of the noise!
The wall is about to be cut out. Finally the rain stopped, and as the builders began to level the foundations, they then started to cut out the wall from the house. I knew it’d be noisy, but this was seriously loud!! If I was going to give any advice it’d be to let your neighbors know that for a day or two this will be the noisy period! To see the old wall come crashing down was exciting and sad at the same time.
The Fourth Night
Hole in the wall!
After a long day of cutting and hammering a hole was finally in the wall was there for all to see! The major thing to be aware of at this stage is the amount of dust that comes off the consaw, which really is phenomenal. So make sure all the plastic sheeting is organised in advance for the inside of the house and that (in extreme cases) any family members with allergies or asthma are kept well away from the scene.
The extension arrives
Is it a bird or a plane?
Finally the extension arrives. Due to safety concerns we were all told to stay either indoors or at a good distance away. However as you can imagine the excitement in the neighbourhood was great. As it was getting late we had to make sure everything was ready below regarding the landing area.
Day 6
The eagle arrives!
Finally we get the pre built extension into place. The builders have done an expert job at guiding it in…and now we’re all just really excited. Obviously there’s still a bit of work to be done regarding connecting things up and sealing things, but that’s a job for tomorrow. We’re also getting the rest of the house painted by professional painters, so roll on project two!