The Best Cheapest Game Hosting Servers

What is the game server?

Game servers are usually two basic types of servers, with list servers and dedicated servers. Individual players mainly use list servers because they are the cheapest game server hosting. You can use the server at the end of the LAN.

Dedicated game servers are usually set up on a remote server because they are not in the same location as the player. This server is a part of the data center that contains many servers for different purposes.

The best hosting server may have additional features like audio features that use voice calls that allow players to communicate with each other.

Server performance and quality depend on many factors, such as server hardware, bandwidth, number of players connected to the server, and other factors.

How can I find the best and the cheapest game server hosting game server servers?

Modern game server web hosting provides around 10-15 nodes on each server. This is a good example of the requirements and characteristics of play space.

It also offers reporting capabilities so that the website owner can see which of their games receives the most attention or use.

Many gamers enjoy talking and communicating with other players while playing online games. For this reason, it is important to verify that the game hosting company has applications, such as chats or forums, that contribute to customer enjoyment.

Remember to consider your own needs when choosing a game server hosting provider, and it is your job to determine what type of server is best for your game. Below are the cheapest game server hosting with excellent performances:


Nitrado is a popular game host that competes with most of the well-known brands.

Its strengths are good phone support, good loading times, good hosting availability, and SSL certificates.

The hosting system is fully developed in-house and is constantly being developed to accommodate current technologies and requirements and ensure that it runs smoothly.

They offer hundreds of game titles that can be hosted in their global data centers. Nitrado’s game servers are ESL certified and, therefore, the first choice for ESL Clan Wars. is a household name in the gaming industry, especially when hosting your game servers. Over 500,000 customers can’t be wrong.

They are on game servers hosted for the last fifteen years (at the time of writing this review) in 2004. They can host major online games such as Teamspeak, Minecraft, Mumble, Ventrilo, or any other game you can imagine of to host instantly. On their servers. Fast and reliable around the world.

The most interesting thing is that you may get a game server with ClanPay.

GTX games

GTX Gaming has over ten years of experience hosting game servers. The beautifully designed control panel for mobile games makes it relatively easy to manage your server from anywhere.

It provides the least amount of sounds, even on the slowest connection. The best part is that they are the first to release the games and run on the first day of their release.

They have complete backup systems, so you never risk losing your data. Every year, they update their devices to keep up with the latest requirements.


HostHavoc cluttered game servers ensure you get lag-free gaming experience.

They use NVMe SSD with a high-speed CPU for better performance. Installation is immediate. It usually only takes 10 seconds!

Its services are hosted on DDoS-protected networks. The platform is known for its clear connections.

Fragnet was founded in 2010 and developed by gamers. This is a really good host that is picky about devices and networks with low latency, high internet bandwidth, and hosting only on dual-core Dell Xeon corporate servers.

What do you put above the rest? It provides technical support 24 hours a day. Staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Setup is immediate; once payments are processed, the game hosts are up and running in minutes. You can also change your location. Hosts work on the latest devices.

Donating from one player to another is easy and straightforward. A free ten slot audio server is included. The control panel is also easy to use.


MCProHosting has been in the game server field for over eight years. At the time of writing this review, they have had over half a million satisfied customers worldwide! The numbers can’t be wrong, can they?

MCProHosting started as a Minecraft server hosting provider but gradually grew into a provider of other games, and now you can call it the leading game server hosting company.

It provides a unique feature that no other host (at the time of writing) possesses. If you are a member of the Armed Forces, you will get a special discount. strives to provide users with the lowest possible ping average by keeping servers only in the best data centers with the best and highest internet connections.

Dedicated gaming hosts who use it are maintained to give customers extra pay for their money. The servers are not overloaded, which means that performance is at its peak.

Hosts use the latest solid-state drives for the best gaming experience. SSD provides an advantage in terms of speed, performance, and reliability.

Free DDoS protection is also included on all servers to protect games from external attacks.

Game Server plans start at $ 4.5.

Nodecraft, you are not like most hosts. There are no hidden fees, no brand restrictions, no player slot restrictions, and no server overselling.

Nodecraft offers DDoS protection and a 7-day money-back guarantee, which is very useful if errors occur.

Customer support is excellent as there is also a mobile dashboard that allows you to monitor from anywhere.


Multiplay has been in the online gaming business for two decades. It provides the most stable and scalable way to host your game through an optimized multi-cloud and metallic infrastructure.

They have dedicated corporate servers that are tested by studios around the world. The professional services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and feature hundreds of online multiplayer games.


Founded in 2012, SurvivalServers has hosted and rented game hosts for thousands of customers around the world. Customer support, in conjunction with community forums and wikis, gives customer service the edge.

Setup is quick; you will receive an email once the game host is created.

And the best thing about them is that they have a dedicated game server panel!

Thousands of hours have been spent developing your own custom dashboard so it can adapt to gaming over time.